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Presentations of Final projects: snapshots

I put up some photos of Friday's group efforts...

Check out this video and more information on eroding coastlines in Alaska:
video of Alaska's eroding coastline
(Ryan's blog has info related to this as well)


Educational "scavenger" hunt-
The goal of this assignment is to 1) search out and find the best examples of using Second Life in education on a particular issue, and 2) come up with some characteristics that make an educational project successful (or not) in SL. Each of you should choose two "best examples" of using SL in some educational venture. At least one should be in "environment" writ broadly, but the second can be in any area you find or are interested in. Then critique each in terms of what characteristics make it is successful and where it may have fallen short (how would you have improved it?).

Second, come up with a list of features for the perfect SL educational project-what you would incorporate in your own project for the end of the quarter? Write all of it up up in a blog entry (complete with pix of at least your #1 & 2 examples, additional if you want to illustrate good vs bad practices). Entries due by class time Monday, 9 Feb. As an aside, some of you have been, shall we say, less than punctual in finishing assignments-and let's face it, Wendy and I have been somewhat less than onerous in requirements thus far-so for those this applies to-as the creme de la creme of UC students-let's pick up the pace a bit or pay the piper... ;-}

Human Population Powerpoint

Climate Introductory lecture

Science Friday: Meet in SL on Friday, Jan. 16

Be sure to check out the Science Friday notes page in "What's Hot" for some useful tips...

Next assignment is posted under What's Hot...

Indigenous People-links and powerpoint

Just a reminder, for Friday track down some info and background on the Obama picks for the following so we can discuss their likely approaches to the climate issue:

Science Advisor

Forgive the delay in getting this out to you, but my internet connection at home has been on the fritz all afternoon/evening. What we were looking for for Weds was just 3-5 questions/discussion points that you might like to address in talking with Lollie. Post them on the blog before class-reading each other's questions etc., might jog your own thoughts on something else you might find interesting to address.

One thing I've had students think about in comparing our lives to theirs is to ponder the degree to which weather/climate affect our lives versus the Inupiat's...

See you Weds-

Our class was featured on a UC website!: