Initial Site Analysis

    I labeled this section with this title to show how I started this portion of my design process. I will admit it is not some of my best caliber of work or effort, but I do feel I captured some of the more significant features of the site that I need to pay attention to with my building design. Since there are site photos posted in my Phase I section I will not incorporate them into this section as well. Since they are visual depictions, I believe they demonstrate the primary characteristics that was captured.

    There is wind that comes from every direction onto this site. I believe the cold winter wind is the most
    important issue that needs to be addressed into my building and site design.

    The site has major exposure to sunlight. Every employee wants windows. I would like to capture sunlight during the morning,
    but I may try to utilize the shade from the creek bed forest. I may place my building closer to the trees.

    In this diagram I tried to show the openness and plainess of the site. It does not have much of a surrounding view other than
    creek bed.

    Phase II


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